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Top Questions

  • What is and how are we different?

    RussiaMatches helps gentlemen from all over the world to connect and foster meaningful relationships with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women for romance, love, a committed relationship and marriage. With the aid of our broad network and dynamic resources, finding your perfect match in Russia or Ukraine has never been easier.

    Members can communicate with ladies via a variety of different tools including EMF Mail, Live Chat and Cupid Note and more.

    To learn more about us, please click here.

  • I forgot my password. Can you tell me?

    It's simple, click here to retrieve your password automatically.

  • What is Cupid Note?

    The Cupid Note service is one of the FREE services we offer to our valued members. It allows you to show interest in a lady with a short template message. If the lady is available and interested in you, she will give you a positive reply.

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  • What is EMF Mail service and how does it work?

    EMF is a mail forwarding and exchange service for communicating with ladies which helps overcome language and cultural barriers.

    When a gentleman submits a letter to a lady, the agency will notify her and deliver the mail. She will reply via the agency, who provides the lady with free relationship guidance and translation services if required. This can resolve communication problems caused by language or cultural differences, leading to obstacle-free communication and more successful relationships.

    To learn more about how this service works, click here.

  • Can I exchange personal contact information via the website?

    No. Our first priority is and will always be the protection and wellbeing of our members. For security and safety reasons, members are not permitted to exchange personal contact information via any of the site's services, including EMF Mail, Live Chat, Love Call, Gifts & Flowers, etc.

    If you would like to have more personal and closer contact with the lady, our site offers Live Chat for you to chat directly with the lady online, Love Call to hear her voice on the phone and Video Show to let you see her real videos. You can also meet the lady in person through Cupid Date. All these services are designed to help you better understand and decide whether you and the lady are compatible, and work toward a promising relationship.

    We are always trying to provide better and more diversified services to our members. In the near future, more choices will be available for you to have even closer communication with ladies. Please stay tuned!

  • What is Live Chat and how much does it cost?

    Live Chat is an instant messaging service where you can communicate directly with the lady using text and emoticons. Check which of your ladies is online and simply start chatting.

    It's free for you to send chat invitations to ladies, and also free for you to view chat invitations from them. Charges will only begin after a lady replies to one of your chat invitation, or when you reply to one of her's. The cost is 0.5 credits per 5 minutes. If, during your chat with a lady, she does not reply for more than 5 minutes, the system will automatically stop billing to prevent unnecessary charges. To learn more about how this service works, click here.

  • What are Credits?

    Qpid Credits are used to enjoy a host of paid services and features, such as EMF Mail, Love Call and Live Chat.

    To buy credits, please click here.

  • What payment options do you accept when purchasing credit?

    You can purchase Qpid Credits both online and offline.

    To order Credits online, you may use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. To get Credits now click here.

    We also accept offline payment options such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Wire Transfer and International Money Order. Please click here for offline payment instructions.

  • I am experiencing technical problems. What should I do?

    We are sorry that you face technical problems while using our services. We suggest you report the problems to customer care and provide us with the following details:

    - The URL, which leads to the error message
    - The error message
    - The date, time and location of access when you next encountered the error

Why should I join

  • Meet beautiful singles seeking serious romance in Russia and Ukraine
  • View 15,000+ verified profiles from quality singles for FREE
  • Enjoy efficient cross-cultural communication tools - no more language barriers
  • Get tips and advice that can make your dates better than ever